Regular Jyotish Webinar


    Saturday, May 9 2020 11 AM – 12:30 PM EST

    Rahu is one of the special non-mass planets which has been granted the status of planet out of turn, so to say. Many classics and astrologers say ‘Rahu is like Saturn’. Every dictum has a context. Out of context it may not work.

    Listen to a thought provoking webinar by Shri Vinay Aditya, in which this dictum is being questioned. The webinar will challenge the stereo typed approach of ‘Rahu is like Shani’, in order to broaden our understanding of this very special planet.

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    ‘How is your Day Today and Ashtakavarga’

    Saturday, 16 May 2020 11 AM – 12:30 PM EST

    Also best time to brush up or learn the simple working knowledge of Ashtakavarga which is one of the classically approved techniques.

    In Newspapers we see How is your Day Today? almost every day. The predictions are too generalized and therefore trivialised and mocked at. The techniques that will be taught can be practised even by neo astrologers, for themselves as well as their clients, if any.

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    Nakshatra & Chart Analysis

    Starting Saturday 23rd May 11 AM – 12:30 PM EST

    Vinay Aditya will be taking a series of webinars on Nakshatras. First, we will go cumulatively and then individually about each Nakshatra and understand the very rich material hidden behind the nakshatras.This will include nearly all aspects of nakshatras, such as the Sanskrit name and their meaning, Deity, Lordship, Mythological story, and their natural characteristics as judged on several different parameters. Then how 27 nakshatras can be appreciated as different groups. Next will be how to factor in Nakshatras in chart analysis and predictive work.

    Given that it is an advanced topic of Vedic astrology, please do memorize the nakshatra tables & degrees. Knowing and brushing up Intermediate topics of Vedic astrology would be preferable and almost a prerequisite.

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    How to predict timing of Major Life Events?

    Starting Saturday 23rd May 11 AM – 12:30 PM EST

    Starting 23rd May Michael Sugarmain is taking series of webinars on different Nakshatra. First, we will go through each Nakshatra individually and real meaning of nakshatra, story, deity, characteristics, so on. Then how Nakshatra are grouped together. What all are common and different from each other. Given its an advanced topic of vedic astrology. Do memorize the nakshatra tables & degrees. Knowing and brushing up intermediate topics of vedic astrology is a pre-requisite.

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