Vedic Astrology Online Course by Vinay Aditya

  • Introduction to Jyotisha

    Vinay Aditya will teach an online Vedic Astrology class on ‘Introduction to Jyotisha’ starting 18th January 2020. We will use zoom conferencing to conduct the class.

    Dates – 16 classes starting Saturday, 18 January 2020

    Time – 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM EST (9 PM – 10:30 PM IST)

    Duration – 1 hour 30 minutes

    Course Fees – $30* per class

    *If you are residing in India, please reach out to for reduced price.

    Course Description

    What is Astrology?
    Cause and Effect
    Antiquity of Jyotish
    Background Organisation
    The Earth
    What is a horoscope?
    Astronomy Basics
    Signs: Symbols and Lords
    Rashis, Nakshatras and Nakshatra Lords
    A Bird’s Eye View of Significations of Houses
    More Exhaustive Significations of Houses
    Important Divisions of Houses
    Planets Signs and Constellations
    Planetary Kingdom
    Aspects of Planets
    Relationship Between Planets
    Natural Mutual Relationship
    Exaltation, Debilitation and Moola Trikona of Planets
    Some Important Characteristics of Signs
    Vimshottari dasha periods
    Sadhe-Sati of Saturn
    Mangal or Kuja Dosha
    Retrogression of Planets
    The Panchanga
    Muhurta / Electional Astrology

    Arsha Jyotish Organization is established to spread ancient knowledge with best teachers and latest technology, and be charitable. We are working towards making all course fees a charitable donation so that students can benefit with tax deductible receipt.

    Course materials and class recordings will be available.

    About Vinay Aditya

    Vinay Aditya is the author of a famous book on Ashtakavarga called Dots of Destiny. He holds a degree in Engineering from IIT Kanpur, India and has been teaching Vedic Astrology in countries like USA, Germany and England for nearly 15 years, and in India for more than two decades. Having an analytical approach and a thirst for the innovative, he has been a regular faculty at the AVG seminars for the last 16 years. He holds the honorary title of Jyotish Vachaspati conferred on him by Indian Council of Vedic Sciences (ICAS), India.

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