Upendra Singh Bhadoriya

Upendra Singh Bhadoriya

Upendra Singh Bhadoriya

President, India Chapter, Divine Jyotish School of Canada

Upendra Singh Bhadoriya, got the foundation of palmistry from my father in childhood. He was an Ayurvedic medicine practitioner and having good knowledge of Indian palmistry. I have done work on Indian palmistry and western Palmistry. I have renewed some traditional palmistry, which is not using in routine practice i.e. Horary Palmistry. It is well mentioned in a book named 'Hast Sanjeevanam', written in AD1681 by Shri Meghvijiayji, a Jain monk. I am working on this book since 1995. I have collected various versions of this book including three manuscripts. I have been studding so many books of palmistry and astrology from various country & culture. A few names of western palmistry of current time they are liked by me in and I am imprested, are: Arnold HoltzmanMartijn van MensvoortEd Campbell, Beverly Jaegers, Nathaniel Altman, and Lori Reid. I have a sizable personal library of Palmistry & Astrology having about more than 1700 books."

Profession: Mechanical Engineer in Government Water Sector

Honorary Lecturer: Palmistry and Astrology, Indian Institute of Astrology, Ahmedabad, (Gujarat) India.

Chief General Secretary: Hindu Astrological Society, London,U.K.(India Chapter), Visiting faculty & External Examiner for Palmistry and Astrology, Shree Hemchandracharya Uttar Gujarat University, Patan, Gujarat.

Author of two Books of Palmistry in Gujarati Language:
1 - Mananiya Hastrekha Shastra
2 - Upyogi Hastrekha Shastra
(Third one is in process)