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The Gifts of the Trik Houses by Marc Boney


Houses 6, 8, and 12 are ominously referred to in Jyotish as Trik houses, meaning “The Three,” and deservedly so, since some of the indications of these bhavas cause the greatest suffering in life.

The Gifts of the Trik Houses, is an accompaniment to a wonderful article published by Marc Boney, and available for purchase. Unfortunately there was a snag at the beginning of the presentation, and some introductory elements are missing. (Thank you for your patience as we strive to bring you the best Vedic Astrology information available. *We have accordingly made this presentation available at a great discount.) Despite this glitch, intermediate and advanced level astrology students can jump right in. They will easily pick up where the video starts as Marc looks at charts of some well known, very successful people, all of whom have prominent Trik house planetary placements. As astrologers, we are called to present information available in the chart, from the highest possible perspective to benefit and encourage the client. Marc leads students to systematically draw out of the chart the Trik House signatures, starting in his classical fashion, with the natural significations of the grahas. Marc teaches and displays how astrology can amaze and confound students, and he also models how important it is to find the positive potential of the chart, especially in the most feared dusthana houses. In this video presentation, Mr. Boney teaches budding astrologers to carefully review client charts and to remember that there can be found potential beneficial energies in challenging positions, during their periods of activation. As Marc Boney explains, these Trik houses often have great gifts.

Faculty Marc Boney