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The Art of Prashna


The Art of Prashna offers a practical approach to the techniques of dealing with the prashna charts. Any querist will find answers to virtually all his usual, and even some unusual, queries through the application of the techniques described in the text.

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During the Webinar you will learn..

  • Basic principles of Vedic astrology as relevant to the prashna chart.
  • A liberal use of the Tajika yogas, suitably modified and refined, without violating the strict principles of Vedic astrology.
  • Questions about health, nature of disease and chances of recovery.
  • Missing person or traveller, his safety or otherwise, his likely or unlikely return, and any untoward happening to him.
  • Questions about theft, lost or misplaced article, identity of thief, location of the stolen object, chances of recovery of the lost article, etc.
  • Marriage, relationships, denial or delay in marriage, barrenness, pregnancy, delay or denial of progeny, loss of children, birth of twins.
  • Queries about career, court cases, litigation, and the like.
  • A full chapter is devoted to varied queries which defy strict classification into chapters.

Who should join? 

All the astrology students at intermediate or advanced level

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