Arsha jyotish Courses




“Learn Ayurveda from shastra” as against “Learning about Ayurveda”
Shloka based learning
Traditionally trained ayurvedic vaidyas with extensive global teaching
Understand complex concepts in a clear and understandable format to empower yourself with wisdom
All teachings validated through experience of running SDJ Ayurvedalaya for more than 15 years

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The best among the lot as explained in Ayurveda. We see that there is a lot of advice on the same topic but ayurveda lists out certain best items or practices in each area. Example- Best item for Rasayana, Best item for increasing Ayus, best practice for removing fatigue, best among the pathya food, best among the milks and so on. We will have a huge list to remember and reflect on.

Faculty Dr Saranya Parthasarathy