Arsha jyotish Courses

Sadvritham and Dharma


“Learn Ayurveda from shastra” as against “Learning about Ayurveda”
Shloka based learning
Traditionally trained ayurvedic vaidyas with extensive global teaching
Understand complex concepts in a clear and understandable format to empower yourself with wisdom
All teachings validated through experience of running SDJ Ayurvedalaya for more than 15 years

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Sadvritham and Dharma $72.00
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Regimen of right conduct as explained in Dinacharya. After the advice on the daily physical activities in Dinacharya, we could see a lot of advice that helps one to be a good human being which is also an important requirement to be healthy.  We will also fine tune  the Ayurveda advice with the teachings of Dharma Shastra w.s.r to Dinacharya  and thereby bringing Dharma as a part of every aspect of our living.

Faculty Dr. Parthasarathy