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Practical application of Varshphal by V P Goel


Whether a practicing or aspirational astrologer, Upadhaya VP Goel cannot be beat for precise, simple and direct teaching of complicated subjects. In this presentation, he generously shares his time-honored knowledge for how to make predictions employing the study of the yearly chart, the Varshphala chart. Mr. Goel teaches a method that is rooted in the pampara of BPS, alongside lesser known Nadi tools. We are fortunate to be able to attend class with Mr. Goel as he concisely unravels the 5 rules for reading the Varshphala chart, the solar-return progressed chart, as it is called in the West. Mr. Goel was an avid student of the renowned and esteemed master astrologer, KN Rao, and it shows. What a delight to hear him delineate the yearly charts he offers as examples for his method, which employs the natal birth chart, the return chart, and the navamsha of the return chart. A fantastic marriage prediction technique is demonstrated in this presentation as well. It is not surprising that this method of prediction is treasured for its excellent results. Furthermore, to help all levels of students watching this presentation, Mr. Goel offers a succinct tutorial at the beginning of the video, a review of Chesta Bala. This handy reminder will help one understand how the strengths and dignities of the planets will affect outcomes, specifically for this discussion, in the the Varshphala chart. There are many important concepts of Vedic Astrology to learn or review here, and they are explained simply, and with generosity. Viewers will want to immediately apply this practical method of prediction offered by Mr. Goel to their practice of Vedic Astrology. We are fortunate to be able to learn from such a knowledgeable and seasoned astrologer as Upadhaya VP Goel.

Faculty V P Goel