Arsha jyotish Courses

Paniyam Praninaam Prana / water- the elixir of life


“Learn Ayurveda from shastra” as against “Learning about Ayurveda”
Shloka based learning
Traditionally trained ayurvedic vaidyas with extensive global teaching
Understand complex concepts in a clear and understandable format to empower yourself with wisdom
All teachings validated through experience of running SDJ Ayurvedalaya for more than 15 years

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Paniyam Praninaam Prana / water- the elixir of life $36.00
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We would learn all about water and dig deep into all the minute nuances about water directly from the shastra and get health benefits by using water in different forms and ways. It would be surprising to see the depth of Ayurveda on a most simple substance- water .

Faculty Dr. Parthasarathy

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