Arsha jyotish Courses

Jaimini, Ashtakvarga and Timing of Marriage and Relationship


Total two sessions (4 hours of recordings) on Jaimini Basics, Jaimini Aspect, Ashtakvarga, and Timing of Marriage and Relationship. We will also cover Dasha System and Transit in the context of Relationship.

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  • Understand the basics of Jaimini
  • How to apply Jaimini Aspect (AK, DK) into Marriage, Relationship and Matching?
  • What is Ashtakvarga, how to calculate Ashtakvarga bindus?
  • Learn to interpret Ashtakvarga into Marriage
  • How to calculate Timing of Marriage and Relationship
  • Learn about Dasha and Transit, How is it associated in Timing of Marriage and Relationship!
  • Many charts examples
Faculty Vinay Aditya