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Interpreting Rahu and Ketu Periods by Marc Boney


The Vedic astrological system gives great prominence to the Nodal Axis. In this course Marc Boney offers students a very well-informed 8-step method that uncovers how Rahu and Ketu will likely operate during their planetary periods.

The significations of the Nodal Axis are given much prominence in the Hindu astrological system though many students still struggle to understand the nature of Rahu and Ketu. Perhaps because these grahas are not actual planets or luminaries, but rather astronomical points in the chart, Marc Boney understands how interpreting the periods of the Lunar Nodes can be confusing for students of Jyotish. In this enjoyable and lucid presentation, Mr. Boney offers students a supremely well-informed 8-step method that uncovers how Rahu and Ketu will likely operate during their planetary periods.
Mr. Boney approaches his subject in a narrative manner, first by telling the story of his first experience of reading a chart for a client entering their Rahu period. Using a question and answer format, through this example and others, he strengthens his students’ ability to more quickly observe and analyze the clues revealed in the chart.
While the method he presents in this video has wide application for deciphering the kinds of karmas that would likely unfold during any graha’s planetary period, he notes that the nodes are unique among the grahas. He shows how their specific ability to mimic the characteristics and functions of the planets and Lords they are associated with in a chart gives the nodes special powers. Additionally students will discover in this class how yogas can be activated in a nodal period, through graha placement, conjunction, aspect and dispositorship, all of which present the astrologer with a rich symbolic tapestry leading to more accurate understanding and predictions. Every student of astrology will appreciate the deep levels of learning available in this video.
Marc Boney is a master astrologer and teacher, and a great friend of Arsha Vidya Gurukulum who offers his teachings generously and completely. Mr. Boney learned directly from master Vedic astrologer, KN Rao, and as a bonus to this insightful class, he shares some delightful memories and methods of his own esteemed teacher.

Faculty Marc Boney