Arsha jyotish Courses

International Jyotish Kumbh Mela 2019 1st Wk


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Conference Topics

  • Ups and Downs in Relationship by Dr. K S Charak
  • Deities of Dwadashamsha (D12) and their Application in Chart Analysis by A B Shukla
  • Round-table Discussion on Destinies of Nations: USA and India Discussants: All the faculty members present.
  • Do you feel helpless without birth time of the native? by Vinay Aditya
  • Honoring Teachers for Silver Jubilee Celebration
  • Rahu-Ketu and the Vargas by Komilla Sutton
  • Rectifying Birth Time using Bhrigu Saral Padhatti  Part 1 by Sunil John
Faculty Arya Bhushan Shukla, Dr K S Charak, Komilla Sutton, Sunil john, Vinay Aditya