Arsha jyotish Courses

International Jyotish Kumbh Mela 2018 Full Conference


Conference Topics

  • Importance of Divisional Charts by V P Goel
  • How to Interpret Divisional Charts (specially Saptamsha D7 and Vimshansha D20) by V P Goel
  • Method of Predictions just by the Ascendant: To predict 12 specific events of one’s life just by the ascendant. This method reveals a secret for each Sunil John
  • Importance of Bhava Chart: How it affects the interpretation of a Chartby Vinay Aditya
  • Mundane Affairs and Astrologyby Dr David Frawley
  • Splendor of Vargas (Divisional Charts)by Dr K S Charak
  • Roundtable Discussion on Destinies of Nations: USA and India Discussants: All the faculty members present
  • Shanideva as the Karmic Leveler
  • Char Dasha: Calculation and Application
  • The Case of Twins: How to analyze their Horoscopes
  • Dara Karaka of Jaimini is the golden key to unlock the mysteries of Matching for marriage and professional partnerships
  • Transit analysis from the Cosmobiology school, developed in Germany during the early 1900s. A much deeper understanding of transits which, especially when combined with the Dasha systems of Jyotish, results in greater accuracy in the nature and timing of events.
  • Retrogression; How to interpret when the planets are retrograde.
  • Advanced principles of mental derangement in a horoscope
  • Bhrigu Nandi Nadi — combining it with standard Parashari principles
  • The Parallel between the Physical characteristics of Grahas and their Astrological significations.
  • How to Interpret Divisional Charts
  • Marriage Compatibiliy

Dr David Frawley, Dr K S Charak, Michael Sugarman, Michiel Boender, Rakesh Mishra, Ronnie Gale Dreyer, Shambhavi Chopra, Sunil john, V P Goel, Vinay Aditya