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Astrology, Destiny, and Karma by Dr. K S Charak


In this video presentation, our beloved and revered teacher, Dr. Krishna S. Charak, offers a foundational primer on the Vedic philosophy underlying Hindu Astrology. New students and veterans alike will enjoy hearing these teachings from one of Arsha Vidya Gurukulum’s most revered astrology masters.

Dr. Charak explains how the Law of Karma is an essential concept in astrology. Different karmas create different destinies, and this is related to and justifies the Hindu concept of reincarnation. Types of karmas, types of actions and their results are explained, and how these are seen in the charts of individuals. Despite these karmic functions and consequences, Dr. Charak stresses the importance of understanding that destiny is not a deterministic component of astrology. In this important video, Dr. Charak explains how current and future providence is created through present actions and attitudes, and by understanding the fruits of actions from the highest possible perspective.

Faculty Dr K S Charak