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Advanced Learning on Ayurveda by Dr. Parthasarathy & Dr. Saraniya Parthasarathy


“Learn Ayurveda from shastra” as against “Learning about Ayurveda” Shloka based learning
Traditionally trained ayurvedic vaidyas with extensive global teaching
Understand complex concepts in a clear and understandable format to empower yourself with wisdom
All teachings validated through experience of running SDJ Ayurvedalaya for more than 15 years


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Advanced Learning on Ayurveda by Dr. Parthasarathy & Dr. Saraniya Parthasarathy $195.00

Aahara Kalpana – Concept of Cooking and Recipes from Authentic texts of Ayurveda. In addition to learning all the details about the cooking practices in Ayurveda, we will also explore certain recipes explained in the texts and their practical utility.

Paniyam Praninaam Prana / water- the elixir of lifeWe would learn all about water and dig deep into all the minute nuances about water directly from the shastra and get health benefits by using water in different forms and ways. It would be surprising to see the depth of Ayurveda on a most simple substance- water .

Sadvritham and Dharma (2 sessions) – Regimen of right conduct as explained in Dinacharya. After the advice on the daily physical activities in Dinacharya, we could see a lot of advice that helps one to be a good human being which is also an important requirement to be healthy.  We will also fine tune  the Ayurveda advice with the teachings of Dharma Shastra w.s.r to Dinacharya  and thereby bringing Dharma as a part of every aspect of our living.

Garbhadhana Samskara (2 sessions) – Garbhadana is First among the 16 samskaras of life. Ayurveda gives an emphasis about the regimen that should be practiced before conception if we wish to have a healthy and an intelligent child. People nowadays reach out to ayurveda after accidental conception and wish to bring up the baby in an Ayurveda way but it’s too late already. One would be surprised by the nuances and details that ayurveda offers in this subject.

Srestas – The best among the lot as explained in Ayurveda. We see that there is a lot of advice on the same topic but ayurveda lists out certain best items or practices in each area. Example- Best item for Rasayana, Best item for increasing Ayus, best practice for removing fatigue, best among the pathya food, best among the milks and so on. We will have a huge list to remember and reflect on.