The Prasna of Kerala

  • Prasna is the branch of Vedic Astrology that is used for answering a particular question. In western astrology it is called Horary. Generally, a Prasna chart is cast for the time that a question is brought to the astrologer. Prasna has an especially prominent place among astrologers in the state of Kerala, South India. In this part of India, astrologers do not rely solely on the chart of the moment of the question for their Prasna readings. They also use cowry shells as a kind of divination for the answer to the question. It is a very spiritual means of appealing for guidance.

    This is the primary method of astrology in Kerala. But, it is used together with the actual chart for the moment and the birth chart with the dashas and bhuktis, etc. Another essential resource for Kerala Prasna is nimitta or omens that may appear at the time that the question is asked. The nimitta signs or indications reinforce the Prasna chart created by the shells and give insight into the answer.