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Paniyam Praninaam Prana
/ water the elixir of life

Saturday, 8 October 2022

We would learn all about water and dig deep into all the minute nuances about water directly from the shastra and get health benefits by using water in different forms and ways. It would be surprising to see the depth of Ayurveda on a most simple substance- water .


Dr Parthasarathy

SDJ Ayurvedalaya as a Director & Chief Medical Officer

Non-Members Fees
$ 36

Members Fees
$ 27

Course Syllabus

(30hrs+ on-demand video & 36 hours+ of LIVE Interaction Session)

1st Month

  • Week 1 – The overview of the Course – The Philosophy of the Vedic Astrology- Understanding Karma, the Transmigration of the Soul, the four aims of life and the spiritual basis on which all Vedic principles are formed, Gunas, Prakriti. Vedas, Upanishads. The Sidereal Zodiac, The North Indian and the South Indian Charts. The Ayanamsa, Whole signs, Bhavas, House cusps, etc. The Five Great Elements, Panchang, the Overview of Vedic Astrology.
  • Week 2 – The NavaGrahas — The Nine Planets Surya, Chandra, Mangala, Mithun, Guru, Shukra and Shani – Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Rahu Ketu, the Shadow Planets
  • Week 3 – The nine planets continued.
  • Week 4 – Saturn and Rahu Ketu – Shadow planets, How past karma controls our present and more.

2nd Month

  • Week 5 – Planetary relationships, exaltation and debilitation, planetary strengths and aspects, karakas.
  • Week 6 – The Rashis (Zodiac signs) Mesha (Aries) to Mina (Pisces), Kalapurusha.
  • Week 7 – The Rashis (Zodiac signs) Mesha (Aries) to Mina (Pisces), Kalapurusha Continued.
  • Week 8Rashis, the Zodiac signs continued.

3rd month

  • Week 9 – Characteristics of Rashis, their rulers and how they influence planets. Prakriti, Rashi aspects and much more.
  • Week 10 – The Bhava Chakra – the twelve houses of the Zodiac. The karakas (significators), the meanings, the rulers of each house. How the placement of house rulers affect the chart. 1st to 12th houses. Lagna Bhava Chakra.
  • Week 11The Bhava Chakra continues
  • Week 12The Bhava Chakra continues

4th Month

  • Week 13Bhava qualities
  • Week 14Lagna, the ascendant Sudharshan chakra and different view-points from Sun and Moon Lagna. The positive and the negative planets for each Lagna.
  • Week 15Lagna is continued. The importance of Lagna Lord.
  • Week 16Introduction to Nakshatras, the stars beyond the zodiac, the role of symbols, deities, gunas and lunar mandala.

5th Month

  • Week 17 – Nakshatra characteristics.
  • Week 18 – Strengths and weaknesses from Nakshatra.
  • Week 19 – Ashwini to Rohini.
  • Week 20 – Mrigasira to Ashlesha.

6th Month

  • Week 21 – Magha to Swati.
  • Week 22 – Vishkaha to Uttara Ashadha.
  • Week 23 – Shravana to Revati.
  • Week 24 – Planetary Yogas – Panchamahapurusha, Raja yogas, Pravrajya, Sun and Moon yogas, Gajakesari, Kemadruma – many yogas will be taught.

7th Month

  • Week 25 – Yogas – Panchamahapurusha, Sun and Moon.
  • Week 26Yogas – Raja Yoga, Neechabhanga, Cancellation of Debilitation Yoga and more.
  • Week 27Vimshottari Dasha system – the unique predictive system of Vedic astrology based on the Nakshatras. The predictive techniques that will make the knowledge of Jyotish come alive.
  • Week 28 – The Various Dashas.

8th Month

  • Week 29 – How to analyse Dasha and Bhuktis.
  • Week 30 – Gochara, the transits to include Jupiter good transits and Saturn’s Challenging one including sade sati, daily, monthly, yearly movement of the planets and how they affect and change the quality of the chart.
  • Week 31 – Panchanga, the 5 limbs of the day. Dina, Nakshatra, Tithi, Karana, Yoga.
  • Week 32 – Introduction to Vargas,  the 16 harmonic charts with special emphasis on the Navamsha- the 9th harmonic dealing with relationships and dharma. Vimshopaka, Visheshika amsha.

9th Month

  • Week 33 – Rules for Varga, Hora, Drekkana, Saptamsha.
  • Week 34 – Navamsha, Dasamsha and Shastiamsha.
  • Week 35 – Upaye – remedial measures, the different ways to improve the birth chart.
  • Week 36 – Putting it all together – chart analysis

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