Our Team

Resident Faculty

K S Charak

Dr K S Charak

Renowned doctor, Author and Vedic astrologer

Renowned doctor and Vedic astrologer Dr K S Charak (MS; FRCS) – Senior Consultant and Chief of General Surgery at the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi (India)...

Vinay Aditya

Vinay Aditya

Author, Vedic astrologer, Civil engineering from IIT

Vinay Aditya has a degree in Civil engineering from IIT/Kanpur. Most of his professional life he was engaged in printing and publishing, catering to the design & print requirements of the NGOs....

Dr. Parthasarathy

Dr Parthasarathy

SDJ Ayurvedalaya as a Director & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Parthasarathy.R is a practicing Ayurveda Vaidya currently heading Swami Dayananda Jayavarthanevelu Ayurvedalaya( SDJ Ayurvedalaya) as a Director & Chief Medical Officer.

Visiting Faculty

V. P. Goel

V P Goel

Author, Vedic astrologer, M.Tech. from IIT

Vinod Prakash Goel is a former officer of the Indian Engineering Services and has served the Ministry of Defense, Government of India. He also held senior managerial positions with private companies in India and abroad before setting up a business in engineering, manufacturing and contracting...

Faculty & Mentors

Jyotish Kasi

Jyotish Kasi

Vedic Astrologer and Life Coach

With 16 years of experience in consulting on Vedic Astrology, my goal is to guide you through life’s most complex and difficult issues related to Education, Career, Love, Relationship, Business, Finance and Health.

Neelima Parikh

Neelima Parikh

Consulting Vedic Astrologer

Neelima Parikh, an Experienced Vedic astrologer and consultant, has accumulated knowledge through 16 years of dedicated learning. As a spiritual seeker, she explores the depths of Vedic science. Neelima's profound understanding and expertise shine through in her insightful guidance.

Key Volunteers

Rama Krishna

Vedic Astrologer and Consultant of astrology

I have been studying Jyotish since 2009 under the tutelage of Penny Farrow , Dr Charak, Shri Vinay Aditya , Marc Boney , Shri Sunil John , Shri VP Goel . I am an anesthesiologist by profession practicing for 35 years . Now, I work on part time basis. Mukul , my husband is also an anesthesiologist.


Anju Aditya

Consulting Astrologer

Anju Aditya is a Consulting Vedic Astrologer . He has been learning and spreading the knowledge of Vedic Sciences from more than years

Satya Bandhu

Satya Bandhu

Consulting Astrologer,And learned From Many Masters

Satya Bandhu has been studying and consulting for the last 25 years, and learned from many masters. He has had an interest in astrology since 1982 when his 5 months old son fell quite sick. He wanted to know the purpose of being on this earth.