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International Jyotish
Kumbh Mela 2022

Full Conference of 11 Days

An opportunity to learn directly from internationally acknowledged great masters

Our 29th Annual Conference “AVG Jyotish Kumbh Mela 2022″ 

The full 11 days conference An opportunity to learn directly from internationally acknowledged great masters of Vedic Astrology.
This Jyotish Kumbh Mela will be suitable for every Jyotish fellow who has a deep interest in this subject.

  • Full Conference of 11 days
  • 60 Sessions 90+ hours Vedic astrology learning
  • Full Conference Fees $695
    Weekends Only $225
  • Conference Recording includes free one-year conference recordings (on-demand) & access to eLearning on

Conference Speakers

Dr K S Charak

Renowned doctor, Author & Vedic astrologer      

Vinay Aditya

Author, Vedic astrologer, & Civil Engineering from IITK

V P Goel (Virtual)

Author, Vedic astrologer, M.Tech. from IIT

Komilla Sutton (Virtual)

Internationally renowned Astrological Consultant & Lecturer

P. V. R. Narasimha Rao

Author, Astrology Researcher, Sanskrit Scholar, IIT Engineer

Ronnie Gale Dreyer

Author, Astrological consultant

Gudrun Lewis (Virtual)

Author, Astrological consultant

Simon Chokoisky

Author & Professional Astrologer

Michiel Boender

Author, Parashara’s Light Software

Alan Annand


Michael Sugarman

Author, Consulting vedic Astrologer

Linda Mackey

Vedic Astrologer

Charlotte Benson (Virtual)

Astrologer, President of American College of Vedic Astrology

Marc Boney

Internationally renowned astrological teacher, writer and consultant

Mavis Gewant

Sacred Artist, Doula Trainer, Postpartum Doula and Sacred Mother

Conference Topics

1st Weekend
4 June-5 June
$ 225
  • Only one weekend of 4-5 June
2nd Weekend
11 June -12 June
$ 225
  • Only one weekend of 11-12 June
Full Conference
All 11 Days
$ 695
  • Full Conference of 11 Days

Conference Schedule

(Eastern Time Zone)

Thu, 2 June 2022

Fri, 3 June 2022

Sat, 4 June 2022

Sun, 5 June 2022

Mon, 6 June 2022

Fri, 10 June 2022

Sat, 11 June 2022

Sun, 12 June 2022



Arsha Vidya Gurukulam,
651 State Rte 115, Saylorsburg, PA 18353

Arsha Vidya Gurukulam (AVG) is a Vedic teaching institution founded by Swami Dayananda Saraswati. A gurukulam is a center for residential learning that evolved from the Vedic tradition. 

OR Online on Zoom.

*Registration Fees includes free access to LMS at, plus one-year full conference  recordings (on-demand)

*Please note presentation schedule may change for unavoidable circumstances.

*LIVE sessions will be promptly recorded and added for on-demand viewing If you are into unsuitable time zones and can’t watch the LIVE session.

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