Arsha jyotish Courses

Komilla Sutton

Internationally renowned Astrological Consultant & Lecturer

Komilla Sutton is an internationally renowned consultant, teacher & lecturer. She is the Co-Founder & Chair of the British Association of Vedic Astrology, London.

Topics Presented by Komilla Sutton

  • Analysing Rahu Ketu: House Positions, Kal Sarpa, Dasha, Eclipses and Transits Rahu Ketu are the shadows that we all deal with and it is essential to understand their message. We experience them through house positions, the signs they are in and their nakshatra positions. They can have an extreme influence when they hem in the planets by creating Kal Sarpa Yoga. Their dasha bhukti will further add to their influence and finally where are they transiting and how do the eclipses impact the chart. Both Rahu and Ketu are determined that you feel them, yet their message is so obscure, that they are not always easy to understand. They bring their own influence, they are divisive, resolute yet they can bring harmony if we truly work with their energy, learn how to optimize their positive influence and minimize their challenges. Komilla will cover a huge amount of material in this workshop to enlighten you on how to work with these powerful grahas. The use of common sense Vedic remedies to calm their impact.
  • Sadhe Sati and Saturn Sade Sati is when Saturn transits the 12th, 1st and 2nd house from the Moon. It is a very complex time and emotionally challenging transit. It can bring stress through career, health, relationship issues, family, financial responsibilities and unexpected events. It can also bring success and achievement due to the immense pressures that Saturn brings and those who work with this can often achieve a lot too. This lecture will explain the impact of sade sati – how to understand its impact properly, judge its intensity and most importantly how to deal with it.