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Introduction to Jyotisha + Intermediate Jyotish Course Saturday By
Vinay Aditya

18-Jan-2020 (Sat)

Total Course Fee includes 16 online classes every Saturday between 18 January to 2 May

Intermediate Course on Jyotish By
Vinay Aditya

Starting Saturday 21 March to 2 May 2020 10:30 AM EST After completing the basic course of Jyotish over the last 9 weeks, we are moving into the intermediate phase that will build upon the basics that we have covered so far. Intermediate course will involve more intricate concepts like Dasha Analysis, Yoga, Yoga Vichara, Bhava deeper understanding, Divisional / Varga Charts, Transits, Example Charts and Interpretation of charts so on. Inviting new students as well to join who already have basic knowledge of Jyotisha.

Astrology and Spiritual Discussion - Recorded Session By
Yogi Karve Ji

Listen to revered mystic Yogi Karve ji's discourse on spirituality, Dharmic conduct and astrology recorded at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam in December 2019

Round table Discussion - Astrological Perspective on COVID-19 By
Dr K S Charak, Sri A B Shukla, Sri V P Goel, Sri Vinay Aditya

23-Mar-2020 (Mon)

An hour webinar - Join the panel of our esteemed astrologers to discuss astrological predictions regarding COVID 19

Predict With Dashamsha (D10) LIVE Course Completed, Offline course is available On-Demand. ENROLL HERE!!! By
V P Goel

15-Feb-2020 (Sat)
29-Feb-2020 (Sat)

Total course fee includes 2 online classes Saturday 15th and 29th March. Dashamsha Chart is studied for professional achievement, career, public image, trends of destiny, honors, success, promotion/ demotions, stress, and earned income by self-effort, hobbies and interests. Career is of utmost importance for all individuals. The four concerns of a person can be summed up by ECMC [Education, Career, Marriage and Children]. Almost all aspects of professional life and the karma of life are analyzed astrologically.

Predict with Navamsha (D9) LIVE Course Completed, Offline course is available On-Demand. ENROLL HERE!!! By
V P Goel

18-Jan-2020 (Sat)
25-Jan-2020 (Sat)

Total Course fee includes 2 online classes Saturday 18 January & 25 January 2020. Navamsha chart deals with marriage, religious devotion, sixty fourth navamsha, vish navamsha and timing of marriage. These are taken to deal with almost all queries about marriage like multiple marriages etc. 

Predict with Saptamsha (D7) LIVE Course Completed, Offline course is available On-Demand. ENROLL HERE!!! By
V P Goel

07-Mar-2020 (Sat)
14-Mar-2020 (Sat)

Total Course Fee includes 2 online classes Saturday 7 March and 14 March. Saptamsha chart can assist in astrological answers to queries like promise of having children or not, timing of birth of children, happiness or troubles from them and much more. The luxuries of life of a person are also seen from Saptamsha. 

Bhavat Bhavam & Creativity - Two full days Course By
Michael Sugarman

07-Mar-2020 (Sat)
08-Mar-2020 (Sun)

Dates - 7 - 8 March 2020 Location - Arsha Vidya Gurukulam as well as Online

Predict with Trishamsha (D30) By
V P Goel

28-Mar-2020 (Sat)
04-Apr-2020 (Sat)

Total Course fee includes 2 classes Saturday 21st March and 4th April. Trishamsha can be a chart of fortune or a chart of misfortune. Parashar has strongly recommended using Trishamsha for all predictions. Trishamsha has a big role in marriage predictions. In Dasha analysis this chart is important. Fortunes or misfortunes, matters related to marriage, it is a complete chart

Inaugural Lecture - Kick off By
Dr K S Charak, V P Goel, Vinay Aditya, Rakesh Sharma, Michael Sugarman

14-Jan-2020 (Tue)


International Jyotish Kumbh Mela 2020 By
Dr K S Charak, V P Goel, Vinay Aditya, Michael Sugarman, Kenneth Miller, Deepak Kapoor, Michiel Boiender and few more

Full Conference Register Now Friday, 12 June to Sunday 21 June 2020