Arsha jyotish Courses


Ayurvedic Perspective on preventing life style induced diseases On-Demand

Dr Parthasarathy


We plan to provide practical and easy to assimilate knowledge that can be utilized immediately to improve one’s health by making small changes to one’s daily routine. Dr. Parthasarathy prides in teaching basic concepts that are geared towards equipping attendees to make right decisions regarding diet, nutrition etc. and not just provide dictums that need to be followed verbatim. This unique style of teaching allows for an effective blend of basic concepts with practical and ready to employ guidelines. We would invite you for a free webinar with Dr. Parthasarathy to get a glimpse of what is to come during these sessions. In light of the most pressing health issue currently, namely COVID 19, we will focus on immunity boosting guidelines and leave you with practical tips that you can start practicing from day 1.