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8 Weeks Marriage and Relationship Considerations

Vinay Aditya


More Info Total 6 sessions of 90 minutes each, 6 paid sessions on topic of Marriage, Love & Relationship Considerations. What will we learn in these webinars: 1. Importance of Lagna 2. Importance of Moon 3. Astronomical peculiarities of Venus and how these affect us. 4. Importance of Venus in various signs, houses and nakshatras 5. Importance of conjunctions of other planets with Venus 6. Importance of Navamsha in these matters 7. Role of Rahu and Ketu 8. Rahu vs Venus 9. Mangal Dosha and its cancellation 10. A quantitative method for quantum of Mangal Dosha 11. Tips on matching, other than Ashtakoota/Dashakoota 12. Role of Ashtakavarga 13. Relationships other than marriage 14. Non-Normative sexual behavior 15. Gems from Jaimini system: Dara Karak, Dara Pada, Karakamsha lagna, Pada lagna etc. 16. Many other related topics 17. Example charts

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