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When Shakat Yoga become Mukut Yoga?

V P Goel


Do you know specific placements of Moon and Jupiter with respect to each other lead to many yogas, one of them being Shakat Yoga? This yoga can trouble the native with problems related to finances, wealth, profession, health and many other things. However, in certain conditions the same yoga turns into an auspicious yoga called Mukut yoga.  Please join us to learn for specific graha positions, how to ascertain whether native will see positive results of Mukut yoga or negative results of Shakat yoga During the webinar you will learn  Why Shakat yoga comes in the horoscope? When can we feel its effect? What are the cancellation or modifying situations for Shakat Yoga? Can we aspect huge success in life even after having Shakat Yoga? When the same Shakat Yoga can turn into Mukut Yoga (called Raj Yoga) and much more!