Arsha jyotish Courses


8 Weeks Vimshottari dasha, Laghu Parashari, and Raja Yoga

Dr K S Charak


8 Sessions to cover all the 42 verses of Laghu Parashari. Twice a week (Friday, 12PM EST and On Sunday 12PM (2 hours - first 30 Mins repeat of Friday Session & proceed with new topic). Laghu parashari is a small compilation of just 42 verses but has the noble distinction of being cited. Why join this course? Laghu Parashari is a small booklet containing the essence of Parashari system. Masters the essence of classic text, Master the Dasha system, Predict the event by confidence. Course Material - Access to webinar recordings on-demand Course Reference, as find suitable, provided by Dr. Charak The Laghu Parashari Book - an original translation & commentary by Dr. K S Charak

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