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Emily Glaser Talks With
Michael Sugarman

You are invited to join us in ‘Interview of Michael Sugarman’. We will explore some of the never discussed topics on:

  • Early Journey & Interest
  • Talk about the Addiction in the Vedic Astrology Chart Book.
  • How he got initiated into the lifelong study of Astrology?
  • His Inspiration, guru and publications
  • Life experiences which he would like to share with students ?
  • much more!

About Michael Sugarman

Author, Vedic astrologer , Psychologist

“Not long ago he read somewhere that we who study and love this science don’t become astrologers, we become astrology. This aphorism serves to remind us that we are at our best and most effective when we keep ourselves humble and mindful that this knowledge is bigger than any one of us, that ‘astrology is a vast ocean which no one can fathom in one lifetime.’

He personally have found more truth, guidance, hope and redemption in the science of astrology than in any other philosophy or system of divination, and he try to always consider it a gift he have been given. READ MORE

About Emily Glaser

Ayurveda & Jyotisa

Emily Glaser, RN is a clinical practitioner of Ayurveda and a lifelong student of Jyotiṣa – the ancient Indian art of divination. Emily was trained by mystical doctors and healers who guided her to fine tune her capacity to perceive the many levels of reality that make up our human experience. Her primary teachers have been Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. A.R. Ramadas, and Penny Farrow. With a background in clinical nursing, Emily is continually engaged in the process of learning and personal development. Her whole-being enrichment approach to healing bridges the East-West paradigm.

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