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Dr K S Charak

Dr K S Charak

Renowned doctor, Author & Vedic astrologer

Dr K S Charak (MS; FRCS) – Senior Consultant and Chief of General Surgery at the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi (India)… Dr. Charak has been teaching Vedic Astrology for the last 30 years at Indian Council of Astrological Sciences in Delhi; and practicing it for the last 50 years. He has written several books appreciated all over the world. Dr Charak also leads SOSMT ( , a charitable organization devoted to providing free surgical and medical care to the poor and the ailing in the rural areas of India.

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Topics of Presentation by Dr. KS Charak in Jyotish Kumbh Mela 2023

Topics Presented by Dr. K S Charak in Jyotish Kumbh Mela 2022

  • Astrology, Destiny, and Karma: Belief in destiny sometimes makes one think that there is no role of free will in a person’s life. That concept would negate the relevance of Karma which actually manufactures destiny. The aim of the discussion on this subject would be to relate the concepts of destiny and Karma, and the role of astrology in this matter.
  • The Basics of Prashna: Prashnais an important branch of astrology. Several questions there are which cannot be addressed by a study of the natal chart. In such situations, Prashna provides the answer.
  • Trimshamsha and the Matters of Health : Besides the rashi, the navamsha, and the drekkana, the trimshamsha is an important divisional chart which finds its relevance in medical astrology. Without negating the significance of the other routine divisional charts, a novel approach to the analysis of the trimshamsha chart will be the subject of this discussion.
  • Mundane Astrology Part I, II, III, IV : Mundane astrology is that branch of astrology which affects the multitudes and the nations. It relates to various aspects of governance, the problems faced by nations, their achievements, matters related to international relations, global events, trade and wars, natural disasters, earthquakes, cyclones, weather forecasts, and the like. Predictions are based on the charts for different countries.

Topics Presented by Dr. KS Charak in Jyotish Kumbh Mela 2021

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