Conference Topics Daywise

Ayurveda Conference - Friday June 21 to Sunday June 23, 2024

Friday June 21, 2024 Ayurveda Conference ( Day-1 )

Day 1: Introductory classes

  1. What is Ayurveda its History and classification (8 branches), genesis of the Human body- Philosophical link of atma and parmatma
  2. Concepts of
    • Wellness: Swasthavritta and Concept of Mind-body relation
    • Normal physiology and disease pathogenesis
    • Periodical body purification and Concept of Astang Yoga


Saturday June 22, 2024 Ayurveda Conference ( Day-2 )

Day 2: Health and wellness through diet and Brahmacharya(code of conduct)

  1. RituCharya, DinCharya, Yama and Niyam of Yoga
  2. KalBhojanam, incompatible diet, pathya and apthya (personal and social behaviour), Indian kitchen spices
  3. Ama dosha pachan (cellular and systemic Detoxification) by using rasayan and vajikarn, panchkarma, naturopathy, and yoga
  4. Medical Astrology, Pulse Analysis, Prakriti diagnosis as per Ayurvedic method, steps disease pathogenesis and its prevention, (Theory and Practical demonstration)


Sunday June 23, 2024 Ayurveda Conference ( Day-3 )

Day 3: Management of NCDs

  1. Obesity, Metabolic disorders, GIT problems, microbiome, digestion and metabolism of food (Deepan and Pachan), and agni chikitsa
  2. Diabetes and its complications: Atherosclerosis, stroke, blood pressure, diabetic nephropathy, and fatty liver
  3. Stress, anxiety and depression (Cognitive behaviour)