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The Great Thing About Ayurveda is that its treatements always yield Side Benefits, not Side Effects.

Ayurveda Consultation

Personalized Wellness Plan

This program is for individuals who are largely healthy but are interested in maintaining their health by following a lifestyle, exercise and diet routine based on authentic Ayurvedic principles. The recommendations will be personalized for an individual and reviewed every six months.   

Treatment of chronic health conditions

Ayurveda provides a unique perspective and treatment alternative for chronic autoimmune, neurological and cardiovascular diseases where conventional treatments have limited efficacy. In this initial consultancy the condition will be assessed and treatment options will be presented.

About Dr. Parthasarathy

Dr. Parthasarathy.R is a practicing Ayurveda Vaidya currently heading Swami Dayananda Jayavarthanevelu Ayurvedalaya( SDJ Ayurvedalaya) as a Director & Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Parthasarathy completed his 6 years Ayurveda Training from the Most reputed Ayurveda College of AVP affiliated to Dr. MGR Medical University and then completed a short term Post Graduation Certificate course in Good Clinical Practices course from FRLHT-IAIM, Bangalore with a second rank. Prior to taking over this mission at SDJ on the Invitation and blessing of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati Ji.

SDJ Ayurvedalaya as a Director & Chief Medical Officer

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