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Learn how to live a healthier lifestyle and prevent disease! Starting 16 January 

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6 LIVE Webinars + 26 Hours of Webinar Recordings
+3 Complimentary Webinars

LIVE Webinar BiWeekly

Do you know 99% of diseases are because of improper food and lifestyle?
Learn basic principles of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic guidelines to improve your health today!
Ayurveda offers basic principles and guidelines to live life in harmony with nature. Lifestyle diseases are already a leading cause of premature disease around the world. 

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Why should we join?

6 LIVE Webinars bi-weekly 90 minutes each, 30 Hours of webinar replays, Step by Step Learning, Four Modules included [Module I (Basic Principles), Module II (Natural Cycles & Dincharya), Module III (Food Properties), and Module IV (Practical Applications)]

Dr. Parthasarathy prides in teaching basic concepts that are geared towards equipping attendees to make right decisions regarding exercise, diet, nutrition, lifestyle etc. This unique style of teaching allows for an effective blend of basic concepts with practical and ready to employ guidelines.

Complimentary Webinars for Students

Sunday, 19 December 2021    10:30AM EST

Sunday, 2 January 2022         10:30AM EST 

Sunday, 9 January 2022  10:30AM EST 

Course Curriculum

Sunday, 16 January, 10:30 am EST

Introduction to 'Fast Paced Ahara Vihara Course's in Hybrid way..............

During the course, Dr. Parthasarathy plans to provide practical and easy to assimilate knowledge that can be utilized immediately to improve one’s health by making small changes to one’s daily routine. Dr. Parthasarathy prides on teaching basic concepts that are geared towards equipping attendees to make the right decisions regarding diet, nutrition, etc., and not just provide a dictum that needs to be followed verbatim.

Sunday, 30 January, 10:30 am EST

Module I BASIC PRINCIPLES ..............

  • Introduction
  • Importance of Proper Food and Lifestyle,
  • Concept of Panchamahabhutas
  • Doshas, Dhatu and Mala
  • Concept of Agni- the digestive fire
  • Concept of Digestion with special reference to Doshas and 6 tastes in food

Sunday, 13 February, 10:30 am EST

Module II Natural cycles, Dincharya and Food..............

  • Logic, reasoning, and Theories behind 6 seasons
  • Logic, reasoning, and Theories behind Day and Night
  • Dina Charya – Daily regimen (includes everything that a person does from the time of waking till sleeping)
  • Fads and Fallacies in Food

Sunday, 27 February, 10:30 am EST

Module III Food properties ..............

  • 8 Aspects of Food as explained by Charaka Acharya (the core topic in Aahara and an elaborate topic too)
  • 6W’s in Food – we will get answers for Why, What, When Where, Who, Which questions with regard to food.
  • Concept of Cooking and its properties in Ayurveda
  • Properties of Various food substances likes Milk products, Fruits, vegetables, Meat, Rice, Sugars

Sunday, 13 March, 10:30 am EST

Module IV Practical Applications..............

  • Concept of Aama (digestive toxins) and metabolic disorders including Obesity, Diabetes etc. and solutions for Aama
  • Concept of Immunity/Balam and Ojas
  • Concept of Mind in the context of Food and Lifestyle with special reference to Satva Rajas and Tamas.
  • Ways to prevent Lifestyle induced diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, Blood pressure, Insomnia, Indigestion, Lethargy, digestive disorders etc. and if the people have understood the above topics, they are already equipped with solutions to handle in case if they have any of these issues
  • Conclusion and addressing the doubts

Sunday, 27 March, 10:30 am EST

Final QA session ..............

Dr Parthasarathy

Dr. Parthasarathy.R is a practicing Ayurveda Vaidya currently heading SDJ Ayurvedalaya as a Director & Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Parthasarathy completed his 6 years Ayurveda Training from the Most reputed Ayurveda College of AVP affiliated to Dr. MGR Medical University and then completed a short term Post Graduation Certificate course in Good Clinical Practices course from FRLHT-IAIM, Bangalore with a second rank. Prior to taking over this mission at SDJ on the Invitation and blessing of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati Ji.

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