Vedic Astrology Courses and Conferences

  • Written by Rajeev
  • March 13, 2016 at 11:26 pm
  • International Jyotish Kumbh Mela – 2019


    Thursday, May 30 to Sunday, June 9, 2019

    11 days Conference


    • The Making of a Doctor: Dr. K S Charak
    • Ups and Downs in Relationship: Dr. K S Charak
    • New Insights into Medical Astrology: Dr. K S Charak
    • The Idiosyncrasies of Retrograde Mercury in Natal and Transit Charts: A B Shukla
    • Deities of Dwadashamsha (D12) and their Application in Chart Analysis: A B Shukla
    • How to Make Monthly/Daily Forecasts based on your Vedic Chart: A B Shukla
    • Professions reflected by Nakshatras: Vinay Aditya
    • Do you feel helpless without birth time of the native? Vinay Aditya
    • Maraka Planets: Michael Sugarman
    • Rahu Ketu and the Vargas: Komilla Sutton
    • Kuja Dosha in Relationships and Marriage: Komilla Sutton
    • Astrological Counseling Skills: Gudrun Schellenbeck
    • Mental Health vs Mental Instability in a Chart: Gudrun Schellenbeck
    • Trimshamsha (D30): Sunil John
    • Prashna: Sunil John
    • Predicting car accidents: Michiel Boender
    • Advanced Techniques of ETP (Event-Time-Prediction): Ashish Sharma
    • Sensitive Degrees 2019-2020: Ronnie Gale Dreyer
    • Vastu: Navneet Kaushik
    • Inscrutable clues from the 8th House: An Astro-Medical Approach: Navneet Kaushik

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    Comprehensive Vaastu – A certification course

    Comprehensive Vaastu

    5 days Course

    by Navneet Kaushik

    Monday, June 10 to Friday, June 14, 2019

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    Introduction Courses on Vedic Astrology


    Introduction to Jyotish

    by Rakesh Sharma

    Saturday August 17 and Sunday August 18, 2019

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